land mines affect over 20,000,000 victims. land mines kill or injure a civilian every 30 minutes!

What Your Donation Can Provide

£10 = One deminers salary for a day.
£15 = Feeds a 25 person demining team for one day.
£20 = Provides the fuel for a field generator for 5 days, to ensure radio batteries and data equipment is charged.
£20 = Buys sufficient charcoal to destroy 45,000 rounds of small arms ammunition (bullets) in a Small Arms Destruction incinerator.
£25 = Buys a pair of boots for a deminer.
£30 = Buys a waterproof jacket for a deminer, to ensure some protection from the elements in the rainy season.
£40 = Buys a kit bag for an EOD Technician.
£50 = One deminers salary for a week.
£100 = Pays one Paramedic for one month.
£150 = Will pay for marking materials required to delineate dangerous areas in a Battle Area Clearance or Landmine clearance task for one month. (On average)
£150 = Equals the cost of 100metres of firing cable for explosive demolitions. Firing cable is required to transfer the electrical current from an exploder to the explosives.
£450 = Buys a mechanical hand held vegetation cutter, this aids the Battle Area Clearance searcher in his / her search and location of Unexploded Ordnance.
£500 = The cost to manufacture a mobile small arms ammunition disposal incinerator.
£500 = Will buy an exploder that generates the current required to initiate explosive demolitions.
£1,000 = Provides Personnel protective Equipment for a Battle Area Search Technician.
£2,400 = Will pay the salary for one deminer for one year.
£20,000 = Buys a vehicle for a roving Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team.
£28,000 = Will purchase a crane truck for lifting large 500kg bombs and transporting them from the clearance task within the city to a safe area for explosive demolition.

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